Your car, everywhere

Your car, everywhere

Welcome to WAHDAH, where we redefines your car rental, vehicle leasing, car sharing, and car-with-driver (chauffeur) experience! As Malaysia’s premier mobility services provider, we’ve got your journey covered with our fleet up to 1000s of well maintained vehicles, all powered by latest technological innovations.

Experience the joy of effortless travel through our cutting-edge technology and top-notch service. So, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s drive with a smile in an unforgettable adventure together with WAHDAH.

Business Purpose

Connecting travellers with mobility services through technology.

Vision and Mission

To be the leading world-class seamless end-to-end mobility services provider by enhancing travelers’ journeys with innovative and accessible experiences, prioritizing joy, ease and inspiration.


At WAHDAH, we promote these values that encourages collaboration that bring about a transformative impact on the world of mobility

Inventive solutions and innovation

Accessibility and inclusiveness

Joy and happiness in a conducive environment

Transparent and trusted customer service


Muhd Raden Anwar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Muhd Raden Anwar, better known as Raden, is the mastermind behind the company. Coming all the way from Batu Pahat, he is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of WAHDAH …

Ahmad Amran Kapi

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

A talented individual from Batu Pahat, Ahmad Amran Kapi, has nearly two decades of experience in building and leading successful tech projects and services. He currently serves as the Co-Founder …

Mohd Rostam Daud

Chief Financial Officer

Mohd Rostam Daud, the dedicated Chief Financial Officer of WAHDAH, has been spending most of his prime time at the company. Starting as the Manager of AiST, which is now a subsidiary …

Radin Ikram

Chief Strategic Officer

Radin boasts an extensive career spanning over 35 years, during which he has excelled as a manager, business coach, entrepreneur, and business owner. His diverse expertise encompasses operations …

Jalal Haqimi

Assistant Manager of Operation and Fleet Management Department

Mr. Jalal plays a key role in overseeing our vehicle fleet operations and management. He effectively manages maintenance scheduling, resource allocation, and collaborates closely with the DRIVEHost and DRIVEHero.

Samantha Liew

Project Management Executive of Tech Department

Ms. Samantha holds the responsibility to execute projects seamlessly from inception to completion. She adeptly coordinates cross-functional teams, meticulously ensures adherence to deadlines and steadfastly drives toward the achievement of project objectives.

Asyraf Wijitha

Legal Executive of Legal and Business Development Department

Mr. Asyraf oversees legal affairs critical to our business expansion. He conducts extensive research, drafts contracts and assists in document management, ensuring regulatory compliance and making valuable contributions to our organizational growth.

Nur Amirah

Financial Analyst of Account and Finance Department

Mrs. Amirah plays a pivotal role in analyzing financial data to facilitate informed decision-making. She conducts in-depth trend analysis, assesses risks, and delivers invaluable insights to fortify our financial stability and drive sustained growth.

Reyhan Abel

Assistant Marketing Manager of Marketing and Advertising Department

Mr. Abel actively supports marketing and advertising endeavors, lending invaluable assistance to the team in executing campaigns, refining strategies, and preserving the integrity of our brand’s awareness and messaging.

Siti Norliana

Senior Human Resource and Administrative Exec of Human Resources Department

Mrs. Norliana manages the human resources management and office administration. She spearheads recruitment efforts, conducts staff management activities and ensures strict adherence to company policies to foster a conducive and compliant work environment., like recruiting and managing staff, ensuring policies are followed, and overseeing daily operations in the company.