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Cancellations & Refund
Cancellation, Refund, and Withdrawal Process

A. General Note/Process

Rental & deposit paid will remain in the booking page of each customer and the deposit will be transferred to his WaCash account upon check-in and will only available for withdrawal 15 days after the check-in date. The followings are the information/process currently practiced for booking cancellation and refund as well as withdrawal.

B. Refund for Booking Cancellation

There are 2 types of refund:

1. Direct refund

Payment is refunded directly to payment source via the following payment gateways

a. Paypal – Direct refund is allowable for a period of 180 days

b. Stripe – Direct refund is allowable for a period of 90 days

c. Razer – Direct refund can only be done within 3 days from the date of payment which it remains in Razer for 3 days only and will be transferred to Wahdah bank account thereafter.

2. Refund via WaCash

Payment is refunded via WaCash in which the fund is made available for each individual account for withdrawal upon cancellation. The time taken for the actual receipt of the refund is as per table shown below.

C. Deposit Withdrawal via WaCash

1. Upon check-in, the customer may withdraw his deposit from his WaCash based on the following processes:

a. Deposit transferred to WaCash can only be withdrawn 15 days after the check in date. The 15 days window are required for Wahdah to obtain information on possible traffic offenses committed by the customer during the rental period and/or if any damages to the rented vehicle reported.

b. If no ill findings are discovered mentioned in a, the withdrawal button will appear in the customer WaCash account once the 15 days window expired.

c. The refund will be made to customer payment sources for all booking paid via Paypal and Stripe except for Razer which the refund is made to the customer’s bank account.

d. The actual receipt of refund to the customers payment sources or bank account depends on the type of payment gateway used which shall be as follows:

2. For any rejected withdrawal, the process has to restart with the initiation from customer by clicking the withdrawal button on WaCash account page again.

D. Delay in Refund Process

The followings are the common reasons for the delay in the refund process:

1. Claim made against the customer due to cases created such as damages, fuel, traffic offences etc. which have yet to be resolved.

2. Bank details information are not available or incorrect. These reasons are commonly found on customers who used Razer as the payment option which the timeframe allowable for refund to the payment source is short and valid for 3 days only before the payment is automatically transferred to Wahdah bank account and thus manual transfer is the only option for refund.

3. The actual receipt of the refund on customers’ local bank account may take up to 3 days depending on the receiving banks standard process and procedures which differ from one to another. Thus, it is not really a delay but it is just a normal process that has to place in fund transfer.

E. WaCash Account

1. WaCash is an eWallet which customers may top up or withdraw either for cancellation & refund or simply deposit withdrawal but the refund and withdrawal, however, are subject to prevailing condition or status imposed upon each customer which may vary depending on his rental status. The WaCash Account shows 3 balances which each balance is treated differently:

2. WaCash can be used for future booking which may or may not require top up sum depending on the total balance and the value of the rental.

3. The WaCash current balance may include cash voucher sum which is not allowed to be withdrawn. Thus, the current balance will not be the same as the available balance assuming the floating balance is zero.

on 07/09/2023